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Commercial Door Pulls and Other Components


«HandsOn Co» - is a universal source of architectural products for all stages of building. On our site you can choose many necessary things for the repair your building inside as well as outside. Door accessories occupy a special place among the products. One of the leading position have commercial door pulls (door handles).


Door Pulls and Door Closers for Sale


Our online-shop offers you long list of door pulls. Here are some of them:

·         commercial door pulls and push plates, made in different metals and forms;

·         commercial door pulls with deadbolt;

·         commercial door pulls (glass doors sometimes need inconspicuous door handles);

·         commercial glass door pulls, which look very elegant;

·         commercial entry door pulls can be of different forms and sizes;

·         commercial exterior door pulls should be quality and last a long time.


Door Rails and Styles of Their


A door closer is an important part of each door construction. First of all it should be reliable. And only then you can choose the model, colour and form of it according to your wish. Door closers at home depot, door closers LCN, door closers lowes, door closers automatic, door closers Arrone – are only some of the most popular types and door closers brands in the catalogue of «HandsOn Co».


Door rails are created to facilitate the process of opening and closing doors, to make their service life longer. Door rails stiles or door rails curtains are widely used during modeling of the office buildings. Because these elements are functional active, their quality must be unquestionably high. That is why «HandsOn Co» propose only the best variants of door rails and stiles:

  • dry glaze door rails;
  • wet glaze door rails;
  • door tracks and rollers.


The wide range of door rails hardware and accessories are represented in our online-shop. You can see all models in the catalogue and ask for the consultation with our specialists.

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