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Wide range of partition systems from CRL Contemporary Series Partition Post to CRL Sculptured Series Sneeze Guards

Our website offers you useful and high-quality post systems. You can purchase the one which perfectly suits your needs and interior look due to the wide range of items provided by “HandsOn.Co”.


What CRL Design Series Partition Post and some other series posts used for in interior design?


Useful and easy-to-install CRL Contemporary Series Partition Post, CRL Design Series Sneeze Guards, CRL Plaza Series Partition Post, CRL Elegant Series Sneeze Guards and others were originally designed for the needs space division and organizing in banks, crowded offices, and retail store cashier sections. Nowadays they are also popular in restaurants and cafes to protect food storage areas.

Also CRL Contemporary Series Sneeze Guards, CRL Plaza Series Sneeze Guard, CRL Elegant Series Partition Post and similar post systems can be installed in any other lodging or even dwelling house for some individual purposes.


A wide choice of CRL Elegant Series Partition Post, contemporary or Plaza Series Partition Post and sneeze guards


We offer ceiling mounted, freestanding, wall mounted CRL Design Series Partition Post, CRL Sculptured Series Sneeze Guards and other analogous hardware which allows creating complicated space-organizing constructions. There are both tubular and square posts, with simple angled fronts and the ones with sophisticated forms. Different thickness glass can be attached. There are various finishes available to fit any interior. Any CRL Partition Post and Sneeze Guard Components are available here for affordable prices. Due to the wide choice of high-quality hardware represented at our store you can be free in creating useful and well-looking constructions serving different important aims. 

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