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Commercial Architectural Solutions Hardware Products



If you want buy some useful things for your architectural needs, you may visit our online-shop «HandsOn Co». Among wide variety of goods, you can also buy bullet resistant barrier system and glass canopy support system. They are characterized by elegant forms, as well as elaborate design. CRL glass awning support system attends your special attention. It is made of the high quality glass according to the modern standards.


Glass Entrance Systems’ Accessories


In the catalogue of our products you should pay attention to the different entrance systems:

  • glass entrance canopy systems;
  • glass door entrance systems;
  • Oldcastle glass entrance systems;
  • CRL glass entrance system door rails;
  • Oldcastle all glass entrance systems;
  • glass entry door systems;
  • HGP industries glass entrance systems.

All glass entrance systems have high quality standards and meet all consumers’ needs. 


Egress Handles and Patch Hardware


In addition to any entrance system you can buy different kinds of handles - emergency egress handleset, egress door handles, egress window handles, CRL electronic egress control handles, emergency egress door handles. All elements are made using the latest precision technology and the best materials. You just need to choose the right model and accessories sizes. The professionals of our «HandsOn Co» are always happy to help with any question.

As for the patch hardware, this type of product is also represented on the pages of our online catalogue in wide range:

  • patch hardware for glass doors;
  • glass patch hardware;
  • Casma patch hardware;
  • Dorma patch hardware;
  • patch fitting hardware;
  • commercial patch hardware;
  • patch panel hardware.


«HandsOn Co» always takes into account your preferences and works for your benefit.

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