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Construction and Automotive Sealants, Tapes, Adhesives


Adhesives technology beat other fastening methods. They boost better product performance, durability, reliability, and contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing final product. Our products provide high immediate bond strength and is repositionable during installation. Brilliant heat and water resistance.

We offer board range products from leading adhesives brands, for example,adhesives and chemicals and adhesives plus, which are the full-line distributors of adhesives for industrial and domestic use since 1980s. We propose high quality adhesives for plastic and adhesives for glass.  In our online store, the best representatives of adhesives and sealant council and adhesives and sealants council 2016 are available.  If you are in a pinch and you need the adhesive quickly or you are just a little short on your install, you can choose adhesives at home depot.


Adhesives and coatings


Thanks to their brilliant property profile, our products are preferred additives for all kinds of plastics, wood, synthetic leather or hard plastic, where they yield durable, high-performance primer and coating formulations.

Metal coatings represented in a line of anti-corrosion coatings, automotive finishes and heat resistant coatings.

If you need some help in choosing the most preferable product meeting your requirements – our adhesives consultant will answer all your questions.

Our adhesives and sealants make protection, seam sealing, and prevent the plastisols from

dripping and running. They provide excellent adhesion and resistance to steam andheat.

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