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Tool boxes, chests and cabinets and other useful tools from “HandsOn Co”


When you plan any home work, you think of the tools you need and where to get necessary ones. For the qualitative and reliable instruments you should visit the site of “HandsOn Co“ – the online store with rich variety of tools, accessories and items.


Modern drilling toolsand accessories


This group of products with wide range of necessary tools is represented rather bright in the online catalogue. Almost all goods are used in glass and glazing supplies and machinery. They are made of the durable diamond or carbide. Carbide glass drills, diamond drills, diamond countersinks, adapters, spot facers, tool coolant concentrate and other accessories will become your best choice with “HandsOn Co”.  Last models of caulking tools, electric, pneumatic and battery operated tools also appreciated your attention.


Hand held tools for any working process


In a great demand are hand held tools from “HandsOn Co”:

-          brushes and accessories;

-          caulking guns;

-          countersinks;

-          drill bits;

-          electrical cords and supplies;

-          industrial quality blades.

Besides all other products, “HandsOn Co” offers for sale powered glass cutting toolsand accessories, safety supplies, sanders and grinders and tools for cutting

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