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Choose CRL all glass restroom partition system and enjoy original look of the bathroom area


To create beautiful and modern look of a bathroom CRL all glass restroom partition system is a good and helpful outfit. To find all the necessary components for installation works turn to our web store.

CRL Frameless Vertical Post Systems and CRL Frameless All-Glass Restroom Partition Systems

Among Restroom Partition Systems installed without frames there are two options represented at “HandsOn.Co”:

·      CRL FramelessAll-Glass Restroom Partition Systems

·      CRL Frameless Vertical Post Systems

Multiple architectural finishes of systems are available to fit any bathroom interior. You will modernize the bathroom area and make more functional. Forget about boring traditional solutions and enjoy the originality of glass panelsuage.

Why is purchasing at “HandsOn.Co” advantageous?

·         It’s really comfortable because you are choosing all the necessary components via internet without spending time for visiting a store.

·         High-quality of all items is guaranteed.

·         Detailed description helps with selection of articles to buy.

·         The prices are affordable.

·         We provide everything you may need while working including materials, components and even tool kits and cleaners.


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