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Glass bonding epoxy and other glass bonding chemistry


Visiting online store “HandsOn Co” you will be satisfied with the great range of rarest products. All necessary tools for your house are effortless to be found in our store.


Glass bonding kit for your needs


If you are interested in products for the glass bonding, welcome to the catalogue of “HandsOn Co”. Here you can order as the parts for glass bonding, and ready glass products – uv glass bonding furniture and display hw. Also it is easy to choose necessary kit for glass bonding, adhesives and cleaners for the glass and other useful tools and supplies.


Glass aluminum bonding and other materials


Glass bonding hardware and tools should be very qualitative to serve you for a long time and make the ready product durable. Using only reliable materials it is possible to make the reliable and need thing. For the best results of glass bonding process “HandsOn Co” offers:

-          glass bonding glue;

-          glass bonding tape;

-          bonding glass and plastic;

-          bonding glass and acrylic;

-          glass bonding clamps.

Among the rich choice of products such categories are represented only high quality things from glass bonding companies. Workers of the online store will be happy to help you to make the exact choice. 

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