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The Universal Architectural Metal Systems  


The online-shop «HandsOn Co» presents the grate variety of American metal architectural systems. The producers integrated ams architectural metal systems and railing into simple and contemporary lines that are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. We propose the best decisions for the most creative ideas.


Architectural Railing Systems and Supplies


Such type of systems is necessary during planning of any kind of building. Having high quality and long life time, they are created to make your living area reliable and secure. In «HandsOn Co» these systems are presented by:

  • benchmark architectural systems metal panels;
  • architectural metal ceiling systems;
  • architectural metal fencing systems;
  • architectural metal panel systems;
  • architectural metal wall panel systems;
  • architectural metal railing systems;
  • architectural metal roofing systems;
  • architectural sheet metal systems;
  • architectural metal screen systems.

Made of the materials of the best quality, architectural cable railing systems, architectural glass railing systems, architectural columns railing systems, architectural aluminum railing systems look rather stylish. They can make your interior very holistic and modern.


Automated Entrance Systems


Besides, among the range of products from «HandsOn Co», one of the leading places have the automated systems for the entrance:

  • entrance matting systems;
  • security entrance systems;
  • entrance alert systems;
  • automatic entrance systems;
  • architectural entrance systems;
  • entrance barrier systems.

Each type of the proposed systems is staffed with all necessary handware, such as door handles, closers and locks. Other useful things are wipes and seals for entrance, rails of different types, U-channels.

So your choice will be right in any case with HandsOn Co.’s command.

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