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Crl transaction windows

Transaction windows are extremely necessary while operating with clients in fast food restaurants, pharmacies, some kind of offices, etc.
Crl automatic horizontal sliding service windows (qsr) and manual ones
Service window is very easy in use due to its automatic sensor mechanism. It aids to safe clerk’s time and efforts. In addition, our store offers traditional high quality manual windows. For example, crl bi-fold service windows (qsr), crl dw series deluxe manual sliding windows (qsr), crl horizontal sliding service windows, crl vertical sliding service windows,  
crl self closing deluxe sliding service windows (qsr) and crl horizontal sliding pass-thru assemblies (interior).

Crl mars service window air curtains

Are designed to use in grocery, dairy and ice cream stores, and any food stands. Crl mars service window air curtains help to reach necessary level of hygiene.
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