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Bullet Resistant Glass and Bullet Resistant Acrylic Panels


It seems, that bullet resistant glass looks like ordinary glass. But the main characteristic of bullet resistant glass windows is to withstand one or more queues bullets depending on the glass thickness and the arm type. Material for the bullet resistant glass is thicker and stronger than conventional glass.


Bullet Resistant Doors and Windows


«HandsOn Co» proposes the best offers of bullet resistant glass for sale. To know bullet resistant glass price, you should visit the site of our online-shop.

What useful glass things can be made of the bullet resistant glass? They are:

  • bullet resistant home windows;
  • bullet resistant sliding windows;
  • bullet resistant film windows;
  • bullet resistant acrylic window;
  • bullet resistant glass film.


CRL bullet resistant windows are of high quality. They have 4 levels of protection. Bullet resistant glass levels are the most important characteristic, which you should pay attention while making the choice. Bullet resistant windows cost less than your real security. Bullet resistant glass gta is used not only in Office buildings, Banks, Post Offices and so on. It is also widely used in production of bullet resistant windows residential. For the additional technical information and to know bullet resistant windows price you should contact Technical Sales Department of «HandsOn Co».



Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheet for Panels



Such panels are used for the protection from the arms of different types. Bullet Resistant Laminated Polycarbonate Panels and CRL bullet resistant fiberglass panels have 3 levels of protection. How to install bullet resistant fiberglass panels and what product is useful for your needs, you can ask the Technicians of «HandsOn Co».

Bullet resistant fiberglass panels cost rather relatively inexpensive, they make your safety invaluable. Armorcore bullet resistant fiberglass panels are one of today's best security options. 

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