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Architectural glass awnings

A glass awnings, also known as the glass awnings canopies are the good alternative to a traditional awning covers, providing protection from the weather still allowing natural light to illuminate your outdoor living space.

Glass awnings for home

We offer awnings made only of safety glass: tempered or laminated. These types of structures are mostly used for small entrances to the building to protect it from rain and snow. Awning, which consists in fact of only one glass, creates a sense of covering, hovering in the air. Aluminum glass awnings have lighter weight, in comparison with other metal material and is good for manufacture the curved glass awnings.

Glass covered awnings

There are also metal structures with glass covering. Such awnings differ from the previous type only by massive mounts, which are composed of metal supports, fixed to the floor. Often, this type of glass awning is preferable when attaching to the wall of the building is difficult or impossible, for some reason. Metal supportive structures are used for commercial glass awnings, when bigger or non-standard size is needed. 
Glass awnings cost vary depending upon materials, installation or design. We offer only high quality, exclusive contemporary glass awnings.
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