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Ceiling panel systems


If you need the best ceiling for your office or house – the panel systems is the great decision for it. They are sturdy, durable, and washable and have modern attractive design. We offer all possible variants (in different colors or laminated) to meet any design ideas and requirements. The rail and anchors makes installation easy, ensure a solid structure. Embassy ceiling panel system contain fiberglass material that reduces sound transmission and provides sound absorption, which is perfect for cinemas, theatres and malls. Removable ceiling panel systems are the most convenient incase full access to engineering networks (pipes, cables) is needed.

Incredibly beautiful night sky ceiling with stars like a real, can be performed due to star ceiling panel systems. It is made of innovate fiber optic material and suits best in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Star ceiling looks inspirationally and calmly and help you to rest in the best way.


Metal ceiling panel systems


Ceiling panels made of metal material have higher durability and can be installed on non standard curvilinear ceiling surface. Aluminum ceiling panel system has light weight and easy in transportation. In addition, aluminum beams often are used as bearing structures’ component of ceiling panel grid system.


Ceiling panel cooling systems


If you are searching for devices made for temperature control purpose, the panel cooling system may be interesting for you. It consist of pipes with running water that removes the sensible heat, and in advantage, offers lower energy consumption than conventional cooling systems. Some models of this system can be used in both directions: for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

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