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Commercial DoorPulls/Handles

Glass, Entry, Exterior Commercial Door Pulls

Door pulls or handles are the essential attribute of any place. They may be used externally and internally. Internal handles are neater in their design. At the same time, handles for outdoor setting, are more robust and reliable.

Commercial glass door pulls

This type of pulls is very popular among the buyers of “HandsOn Co”. People prefer due to their tender and stylish look and rather easy installation. Especially commercial door pulls glass doors need the placement of such handles. Nice look have the commercial door pulls with deadbolt.
The most popular forms and modifications of commercial door pulls door handles are:
- solid pulls;
- sculptured pulls;
- “D” shaped pulls;
- extruded aluminum pulls;
- elbow style tulls;
- curved tubular pulls.

Commercial exterior door pulls

This kind of commercial entry door pulls are strong and reliable. Their main function is to withstand grea force of impact. Such commercial door pulls  should be made of quality material to withstand adverse outdoor conditions.
“HandsOn Co”is a leader in selling custom commercial door pulls. Like the addition to your purchase, we can propose commercial door pulls and push plates.
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