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You will be glad with sanders, grinders and accessories from “HandsOn Co”


“HandsOn Co” is the online store, which sells the machines, tools and the accessories for different spheres of production.


Crl horizontal wet belt sander


The mechanism of this sander is useful for grinding vase bottoms and pottery. The abrasive belts for this model can be wet or dry. Single phase motor is also the advantage of its sander.

Besides this unique sander “HandsOn Co” proposes for selling:

-          crl 1/8?× 18? detail sanders;

-          crl 4?× 106? and 4?× 132? abrasive belt machines;

-          crl automatic dry belt swiping machine;

-          crl dust collection units;

-          crl grinding and smoothing mills;

-          crl mft1 multi function tools;

-          crl converter;

-          crl replacement parts for 200 and 2000 sanders.


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