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How to choose necessary standoffs at HandsOn.Co


Different types of standoffs serve for interior solutions, complicated constructions, machinery and others. They may have female, male-female mixed forms, be round or hex-shaped  and made of different materials. So to choose the necessary ones pay attention to all characteristics and ask for consultation.


What are the standoff systems used for?


Standoffs and spacers are used to raise one separate assembly above another, to hold glass, panels and different materials.  It’s not a problem to put different materials horizontally or vertically and hold them together with standoffs and screws if they are of a good quality. You can also think of interior and esthetic choosing black standoffs or some colored.


Choose among a wide range of standoff systems


Standoff systemsmay be simple or more sophisticated and they usually consist of some barrels, caps, edge-grips, standoffs hardware, or grippers. The  are mostly made of stainless steel, also standoffs aluminum or standoffs acrylic are acceptable. Some standoffs separate materials for interior, others hold displays or different equipment. Special brass standoffs “motherboard” hold the inside part of gadgets. You can order standoffs home depot together with the standoffs and pucks to organize them and store before they are needed.

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