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Partition and Counter Posts, Sneeze Guards and other service hardware at advantageous web store

“HandsOn.Co” has earned a good reputation while providing hospitality architectural or interior design supplies for affordable prices. Our web store offers a complete line of hospitality and service hardware products to achieve the desired appearance of the lodging. You can combine functional advantages of the available items and their ability to match different interior solutions.


Why provided Contemporary Series Sneeze Guards, Sculptured Series Sneeze Guards and other similar items can be so useful?


In some cases it is very important to protect customers from invisible threats. For example, sneeze guards are used in some places to eat as a barrier between people and food to prevent bacteria and other germ contact with the food. Still they have to fit the interior design of the café.

There are several series of guards which are the most popular among sneeze guards:

·                    Contemporary Series Sneeze Guards

·                    Designer Series Sneeze Guards

·                    Elegant Series Sneeze Guards

·                    Sculptured Series Sneeze Guards


Partition Posts and panels to save space and create zones


Partition Posts, Glass Panel Connectors and Partition Clamps as well as Counter Posts are used to build handy and quite useful upright supported special barricades to separate available space. Posts and holding glass or other material panels are ideal where the visibility should be good but the enclosure is essential. It may seem this has nothing in common with attractive design. But “HandsOn.Co” provides details with range of forms and finishing letting the interior designers create a unique look and pleasant atmosphere of any lodging, even if it’s cashier's office or drugstore.

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