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High-quality CRL Mitered Tubing Ends, Radiused Tubing Ends, Tray Slide Shelf Bracket share and Tubing for sneeze guards and shelves


Among provided by “HandsOn.Co” web store CRL Sneeze Guard Tray Slide Shelving Hardware there are useful and well-looking items for affordable prices:

·                    CRL Mitered Tubing Ends,

·                    CRL Radiused Tubing Ends,

·                    CRL Tray Slide Shelf Bracketshare,

·                    CRL Tray Slide Shelf Tubing.

They are used as finishing strokes, projection and support of sneeze guards and tray slide shelves. To perfectly fit the interior different finishes of hardware are available. Among them you can find polished or brushed stainless, polished brass.

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