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CRL Shower Installation Tools and Supplies


The online-store «HandsOn Co» you can shop various products for home and office. We offer you board selection of tools and supplies for sanitary rooms and bathrooms. Therefore, you can do all installation or repairing operations easily by yourself. The most popular shower installation tools and supplies we may offer are the next:

·         CRL 33S Tub & Shower Silicone

·         CRL 90 Degree Clamp-It Assembly Square Kits

·         CRL 90 Degree Inside Surface Tool

·         CRL 90 Degree Outside Surface Tool

·         CRL Adjustable Angle Suction Holder

·         CRL Armored Corner Protectors

·         CRL Brand Plastic Screw Anchors With Shoulders

·         CRL Clear Plastic Setting Blocks


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