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CRL Traditional Glass Clamps

The online-shop «HandsOn Co» provides only high quality and durable products for different architectural purposes. CRL traditional glass clamps will secure glass panels together. They can be used with panels secure at the angles of 90, 135 and 180 degrees, glass to glass or directly to the wall, ceiling or floor. We have several brilliant finishes to choose.

The most popular items, available on our site are:

• CRL 135 Degree Movable Transom Clamps

• CRL 135 Degrees Glass Clamps

• CRL 180 Degree Movable Glass-to-Glass Transom

• CRL 180 Degrees Glass Clamps • CRL Gaskets for Clamps

• CRL Movable Wall Mount Transom Clamps

• CRL Standard 90 Degrees Glass Clamps

• CRL Standard Panel U-Clamp

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